Minneer 110v Commercial Ice Maker

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine Makes 99 Pounds Ice in 24 hrs HME030276N

Minneer 110v commercial ice maker ideal for restaurants, hotels, cold drink stores, offices, bistros, bars, cafes and homes. 33lbs large ice storage capacity Support 24-hour uninterrupted ice storage, maximum ice making 110lbs per day The fastest 5-8 minutes to make 40 pieces of thin ice Single ice size is 0.9inch0.9inch.

PIONEER CT-F700 High End Stereo Cassette Deck Vintage 1978 Refurbished Like NEW


Stereo Cassette Tape Deck (1978-79). pioneer ct-f700 high end stereo cassette deck vintage 1978 refurbished like new. Wow and Flutter 0.05%. Dimensions 420 x 187 x 304mm. Features include a highly reliable transport mechanism utilising a DC servo motor, a Ferrite solid head, newly developed dynamic level meter for enhanced recording sound quality, built-in Dolby system for reduced tape hiss, bias adjustment mechanism to bring out the best in tapes and a rich selection of accessory mechanisms.