In-4 Nixie Tubes Clock Black Board With Sockets Temp. F/c 12/24h Slot Machine

4 Digit IN 12 Nixie Tube Clock Build Using 40 eBay kit

Assembled MCU board NCM109 1 pc. IN-4 Nixie Tubes 6 pcs (optional). Test points for testing, adjust and control low and high voltage circuits. In-4 nixie tubes clock black board with sockets temp. f/c 12/24h slot machine clock compatible with arduino uno, so it allows you to write your own unique programs on the arduino platform.

King Omni Directional Hdtv Over The Air Antenna Withtri Pod Mount Black Oa1501

KING OmniGo Installation Video

King omni directional hdtv over the air antenna withtri pod mount black oa1501 this item can be shipped to united states, canada, united kingdom, denmark, romania, slovakia, bulgaria, czech republic, finland, hungary, latvia, lithuania, malta, estonia, australia, greece, portugal, cyprus, slovenia, japan, china, sweden, south korea, indonesia, taiwan, south africa, thailand, belgium, france, hong kong, ireland, netherlands, poland, spain, italy, germany, austria, bahamas, israel, mexico, new zealand, philippines, singapore, switzerland, norway, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, qatar, kuwait, bahrain, croatia, malaysia, brazil, chile, colombia, costa rica, dominican republic, panama, trinidad and tobago, guatemala, el salvador, honduras, jamaica, antigua and barbuda, aruba, belize, dominica, grenada, saint kitts and nevis, saint lucia, montserrat, turks and caicos islands, barbados, bangladesh, bermuda, brunei darussalam, bolivia, ecuador, egypt, french guiana, guernsey, gibraltar, guadeloupe, iceland, jersey, jordan, cambodia, liechtenstein, sri lanka, luxembourg, monaco, macao, martinique, maldives, nicaragua, oman, peru, pakistan, paraguay, reunion, viet nam, uruguay, russian federation.

4 Black Berkey Replacement Water Filters Fits All Berkey Systems, 2 Day Delivery

Black Berkey Water Filters Priming and Cleaning Video

4 black berkey replacement water filters fits all berkey systems, 2 day delivery the micropores within the cleanable black berkey purification elements are so small that viruses and pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to pass through them. The benefit from having such extremely small pores is that an exponential increase is realized in the efficiency at removing pathogenic bacteria and other waterborne contaminates.